The History of TradeKings

The story of Trade Kings Limited starts with the launch of our flagship detergent paste – BOOM – in 1995. Since then, Trade Kings has grown into the largest FMCG manufacturer in Zambia and one of the major manufacturers in the region.

Trade Kings Limited manufactures high quality branded Detergents (Liquids, Powders and Pastes), Soaps, Sweets, Lollipops Confectionery, Soya Nuggets and distributes them throughout Zambia and the Sub-Saharan region.

In the Beginning

  • Humble beginnings 20 years ago
  • 40 Employees
  • Producing 100 tons of Boom Paste per month
  • Rented premises
  • One self-driven delivery van
  • Restricted capital

Trade Kings Now

  • The largest Fast Moving Consumer Goods Manufacturer in Zambia region
  • 1,500 Employees
  • Manufacturing 5,500 tons of market-leading branded Soaps, Detergents (Powders, Pastes & Liquids), Sweets, Lollipops and Soya Nuggets
  • 20,000 sq. m. wholly owned factories
  • Transport Fleet of over 25 Heavy, Medium and Light truck units
  • Consistent organic financial growth