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Detergent Pastes

Our detergent pastes – Boom, Xtra and Bullet – have proved to be one of the best in the region, all our variants guarantee smoother and softer fabrics, effective stain removal and an overall pleasant washing performance.

All the pastes are formulated for hand washing and are very cost effective. Available in boxes and easy open pouches.


Washing Powders

Boom and Xtra washing powders with multi-enzymes are formulated for stain removal. They are tough on grease stains, food stains, and more.

Our detergent powders contains a softening agent to preserve fabric and a long lasting perfume. They dissolve easily and are suitable for both hot and cold water.

Boom-G-Plus Xtra-washing-powderboom-auto_logo

Laundry Soaps

The hard laundry soaps from Trade Kings are affordable, long lasting and effective. The unique perfumes will ensure your clothes always smell fresh.

All our laundry soaps are formulated for hand washing and are gentle on the hands. They are available in different sizes to suit the Zambian consumer.

big-1 Boom-Multi Diamond Yokosa


New Boom Sparkle Plus. This has been formulated specifically for removing grease and burnt on food. The unique formula cuts through grease, leaves dishes, pots and kitchen utensils sparkling clean. It is also highly economical to use.



These are all affordable health soaps; they are all anti-bacterial soaps and are effective in containing the spread of cholera and other diseases. Ensuring that hygiene is accessible and affordable.

YeboBoom-Healt Yebo-herbal

Beauty & Health Soaps

These are affordable soaps for families. They offer great germ protection, excellent cleansing properties and are long lasting.

Romeo-Beauty Romeo-Liquid Romeo-plus


We have a wide selection of lollipops led by our flagship Amazon pops brand. This is available in 6 exciting variants with 13 flavours. Select variants come with 2 pops per pack free! This guarantees superb value.

Amazon-minippop Amazon-pop Fusion

Bubble Gum

This selection of chewing gums offers fantastic value and authentic fruit flavors.

Amazon-Bubble-gum Amazon-Bubble-Rolls Bang-Bang Bang-Bang_logo

Sweets & Candies

This fantastic selection of wrapped hard boiled sweets gets your taste buds tingling! These super tasty sweets are available in many variants and innovative flavors and liven up the candy aisle.

Super-Peanut super-milkytoffs super-koffmints super-fruitbites Super-Butterscotch Rainbow

Nyama Soya

Nyama soya is a textured vegetable protein (TVP) product, it is made using only organic soya beans, our production process enables this to form a “soya chicken fillet” which is then dried and flavored to ensure a cholesterol and fat free healthy meat alternative with great taste.